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Covid Limitations

Covid-19 Pandemic Restrictions

Covid-19 has unfortunately put a big restraint on parties of all kind, especially our princess parties. ​At parties, we require our performers to wear masks when twisting balloons, and doing activities that require our princesses to be closer than 6 ft to the children if the parent requests masks to be worn. If you would like or require masks to be worn at your home or wherever your party will be located, the princesses would be glad to wear them.

For the best party experience we suggest that when the princess enters the party that they do not wear a mask for the Grand Entrance. We would also suggest, you keep all guests 6ft or more away so that your child can receive the full effect of the princess until the mask is back on. If you require your princess to wear a mask for the full time alotted, we will do whatever makes your the most comfortable!

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