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Virtual Princess Parties

Magic Mirror Zoom Parties!

With the pandemic going on, zoom/video chat is a super safe and fun way to meet your favorite princess! Your child and his/her friends can hang out with the princess of their choice for 5 minutes (minimum) to 15 minutes (maximum)! They get a book read to them, and they sing songs based on the princess of their choosing. You can also customize your time with the princess with adding different things to your zoom event! Call for any details!

Moving Portrait Video Cards

1-3 minute Video gifts are also a perfect way to stay safe during this pandemic. This is a great way to gift your child a birthday, or holiday video! We will need 3-5 personal facts about your child, i.e Does your child have a dog? What is their favorite thing to do? What is their favorite movie, etc! Another super fun thing to do is get your child a gift and write "from your (Princess Name)" on it! Its a super fun thing to also incorporate in the video and talk about!

Call for any details!

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